Eric M. Faggin




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One Hour Ago

As part of Fabrica’s exhibit at the Centre Pompidou in October-November, 2006, we were invited to create a short video self-portrait to be displayed in the exhibition. I composed and recorded a song entitled “one hour ago” that dealt with the idea of thought and action and the delicate balance between the two. I made a video to accompany the song that is a series of images of me smoking and doing various inane things. There is also a dancing cigarette puppet that taunts the viewer. The images are meant transmit a sense of frustration with the fact that one can think too much and feel like they have not created anything. It was a comment on the way I feel when enveloped by thoughts without finding a way to express them, while hinting also at the impending doom that lies in the expression “the devil finds work for idle hands.” The video ran for the span of Fabrica’s exibit at Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, the Triennale in Milan during summer 2007, in autumn 2007 in China, at the Shanghai Art Museum, and in winter 2008 at the Shiodomeitalia Creative Center in Tokyo.


Ⓒ Eric Faggin | All Rights Reserved