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Fabrica Kits

Kronos Jr.

Fabrica Kits are a humorous way of using design to tell a story. By taking generic objects bought at a dollar store and arranging them in kits, we create a context for the objects. These otherwise unrelated items unite to tell a story. For instance, the “Wish Kit” contains everything needed to make a wish: a statuette of Jesus, a silk flower, a notebook and a pen, glow in the dark stars, a candle, a penny, and a copy of Colors magazine’s ”make a wish” issue. The application of graphics and the overall treatment of these objects, from the way they are packaged, to the way they are displayed generates interest and desire in otherwise unrelated objects. We made a total of twelve kits, each with their own objects, graphics, and story. The kits were a collaboration with Sam Baron, Eric Faggin, and Sarah Napier, with text by Guillermo Rivero.

Some More Kits

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