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Icing Or Cake: Wear Your Couch

Icing or Cake

For most visitors, the items at this trade fair are looked at and appreciated, but are not fully experienced. The context of the furniture fair, the scenography of our performance, and the communication related to this piece all work together to provoke the participation of visitors to the ICFF by inviting them to wear a couch. Through the act of stripping the couch we created a series of parts, wearable pins made out of the “icing” of the couch. In the uptown window, we used a couch that we found in the streets of new york and stripped it of its surface. We displayed its underlying structure as a testimony to its construction and made it into wearable badges. In the downtown window, we stripped a designer sofa donated by Moooi and reappropriated it to passersby as wearable badges. This installation aimed to contextualize and activate ICFF by involving two very different parts of New York City. The project was presented in New York from May 17-23 in the windows of Chashama, and The Apartment. The project was realized by Bethany Koby, Selwa Sweidan, Eric Faggin, Sam Baron, Daniel Hirschmann, Ann Poochareon, Linus Nilsson with the generous support of Wolf Ollins, Moooi, The Apartment, Chashama, and Fabrica.

Ⓒ Eric Faggin | All Rights Reserved